Oncology Articles

Clinical Trials Exploring Novel Options for T-Cell Lymphoma
Jia Ruan, MD, PhD, discusses some of the ongoing work in the field of T-cell lymphoma and the unanswered questions investigators are still facing for these patients
Future of Immunotherapy for GU Malignancies Goes Beyond Oncology Department
Costas Lallas, MD, discusses the current role of immunotherapy for patients with genitourinary cancers, the potential for immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy, and how the rise of immunotherapy affects all providers treating patients with these malignancies.
The OCM Has Been Challenging, But Effective
There is a lack of hard data on practice performance that makes it difficult to understand where to make improvements so that goals under the OCM can be reached.
A comprehensive review was initiated on hemibody irradiation for patients with solid tumors with an emphasis on bone metastases to determine the efficacy and the toxicity of this treatment.

Cancer Care Northwest made a successful bet on going fully independent and became a dominant provider in its market. 

Preliminary evidence suggests that abemaciclib penetrated brain metastases and had antitumor activity in patients with hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer.
Study Offers Insight Into Age-Specific Breast, Ovarian Cancer Risk for BRCA-Positive Women
Researchers have yet to determine the degree to which harboring a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation raises a woman’s lifetime risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.
Weight Loss Program Aims to Pinpoint Role of Obesity in Breast Cancer
Jennifer Ligibel, MD, describes the BWEL trial and the possible impact of weight loss intervention for patients with breast cancer.
Clinical Data Can Mislead Without Meaningful Analysis
CMS has put so much emphasis on reported data that it is now paramount for oncology practices to understand how data should be sifted and interpreted to arrive at meaningful conclusions.
Practices in CMS’ Oncology Care Model are individually receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in new annual revenue, but physicians and administrators are not exactly celebrating the influx of cash.
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