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Optimizing Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer
Claude Denham, MD, discusses the challenges with immunotherapy in NSCLC cancer, as well as the promise of combination therapy.
Interest Builds in Targeting MET Mutations in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Building on the success of molecularly targeted drugs aimed at relatively small subsets of patients, lung cancer researchers are increasingly aiming at the MET oncogene.
Gary Schwartz, MD, discusses the significance of the PACIFIC trial and applications of immunotherapy for patients with stage III locally advanced disease.
Ramalingam Highlights Immunotherapy Advances in NSCLC
Suresh A. Ramalingam, MD, discusses the exciting findings from the KEYNOTE-189 and IMpower150 immunotherapy trials in patients with non–small cell lung cancer.
Surgery Remains Imperative in Biomarker-Driven NSCLC Era
David Mason, MD, addresses the evolving role of surgery for patients with non–small cell lung cancer.
Clinical Trials Highlight Biomarker Progress in Lung Cancer
Kartik Konduri, MD, shares insight on molecular developments, recently discussed clinical trials, and steps the field needs to take to continue moving in a biomarker-driven paradigm of non–small cell lung cancer treatment.
Simon Shares Insight on Emerging Immunotherapy Regimens in NSCLC
George R. Simon, MD, discusses emerging advancements with immunotherapy combination strategies for patients with NSCLC.
ALK Inhibitors Continue to Reshape Treatment in NSCLC
Ravi Salgia, MD, PhD, discusses the evolving role of ALK-directed therapies for patients with non-small cell lung cancer. 
FDA Approves Durvalumab for Locally Advanced NSCLC
The FDA has approved durvalumab for the treatment of patients with locally advanced, unresectable stage III non–small cell lung cancer who have not progressed following chemoradiotherapy.
Immunotherapy Poised to Move Forward Into Stage III NSCLC
A panel of several of the world’s foremost experts on immunotherapy in lung cancer discuss durvalumab and other emerging approaches for stage III NSCLC.
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