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Newer, more stringent USP 800 regulations on cleanrooms are a couple of years off, thanks to a postponement of implementation, but they’re still a worry for independent oncology practices, whose in-house pharmacy staff may sit up nights wondering about the stability of their drug revenues.
PUBLISHED: February 10, 2016
Being the largest private practice urology center in Kentucky has its advantages, said Ganesh Rao, MD, president of First Urology, PSC, in Louisville.
PUBLISHED: February 10, 2016
Finding the right partner can lead to a much higher level of practice for physicians, as well as broader responsibilities that add fulfillment to one’s career.
PUBLISHED: February 10, 2016
George D. Demetri, MD, whose teamwork approach has helped pave the way for new drugs for hard-to-treat sarcomas, was honored in the Gastrointestinal Cancer category with a 2014 Giants of Cancer Care® award, a program that the Intellisphere® Oncology Specialty Group launched to honor leaders in the field.
PUBLISHED: February 10, 2016
Though they often lend strength to oncology practices by combining through mergers and affiliations, radiologists are feeling pressure to demonstrate the importance of their work, as the value transition brings increasing scrutiny to levels of waste, inaccuracy, utility, and technological sophistication in their trade.
PUBLISHED: February 09, 2016
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The panelists, Ruben A. Mesa, MD; Elias Jabbour, MD; Rafael Bejar, MD, PhD; and Rami Komrokji, MD, examine potential new acute myeloid leukemia induction strategies. View Now
The panelists, Jorge Cortes, MD; David Snyder, MD, FACP; Kevin Kelly, MD, PhD; and Harry Erba, MD, PhD, emphasize the importance of medication adherence and monitoring patients during treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). View Now
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