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Using blood samples collected from the Andean villagers, the laboratory at the UC Davis Genome Center uses a variety of high-throughput genetic analysis techniques to screen for genetic differences.
The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center and the National Cancer Institute (NCI)-funded National Center for Reducing Asian American Cancer Health Disparities are working to address these disparities through programs to boost participation in clinical trials, collect biospecimens, and conduct blood genomics research.
The section of General Thoracic Surgery at UC Davis is offering Robotic Thoracic Surgery to further enhance our top regional minimally invasive thoracic surgery program.
Prostate cancer has a propensity to metastasize to bone. High turnover ultimately results in a net loss of bone tissue; prostate cancer treatment contributes to the loss of bone integrity, as androgen- deprivation therapy often causes abnormally low bone density
UC Davis CLSP is a multidisciplinary program for comprehensive lung cancer screening.
Brought to you by the UC Davis Section of General Thoracic Surgery: PulmaCalc PPO is a predicted post-operative pulmonary function calculator
Arta Monjazeb, MD, and Michael Kent, DVM, from the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, describe an early phase trial exploring the potential of translating successful treatment from dogs to humans with advanced melanoma or sarcoma.
For patients battling a disease recurrence, results from tests in mice can translate to novel treatment approaches for individual cancer patients.
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