Oncology Articles

Expert Highlights Advances Across Lymphoma Subtypes
Alison J. Moskowitz, MD, discusses the latest treatment advances across subtypes of lymphoma.
Advances Continue With Targeted Agents in ALK+ NSCLC
Paul K. Paik, MD, discusses treatment advances and sequencing strategies for patients with ALK-positive NSCLC.
Landgren Explains Evolving Myeloma Landscape
C. Ola Landgren, MD, PhD, shares his insight on CAR T-cell therapy, sequencing, and triplet and quadruplet regimens in myeloma.
Expert Shares Insight on Navigating Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment
Paul R. Helft, MD, discusses the incidence of gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors and available and emerging treatment methods.
Expert Discusses Frontline Osimertinib Approval and Next Steps in EGFR+ NSCLC
Helena A. Yu, MD, discusses sequencing strategies in EGFR-mutant NSCLC, the impact of osimertinib in the frontline setting, and the questions surrounding dacomitinib’s intriguing data in this landscape.
Expert Highlights Evolving Role of BMT in Hematologic Malignancies
Koen van Besien, MD, PhD, shares his insights on challenges with bone marrow transplant and on the potential future for these technologies in a time when the landscape is undergoing many changes.
Therapeutic Options Continue to Grow for HCC
Tanios Bekaii-Saab, MD, sheds light on the recent advances in the treatment of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. 
Hellman Expands on TMB Testing in Lung Cancer
Matthew D. Hellmann, MD, discusses the expansion of biomarkers across single-agent and combination therapies in patients with non–small cell lung cancer. 
Role of PARP Inhibitors in Breast Cancer Continues to Be Refined
Nadine M. Tung, MD, discusses the role of PARP inhibitors for patients with BRCA-positive breast cancer and the importance of genetic testing.
Rocapuldencel-T Falls Short in mRCC
An interim analysis revealed that the immunotherapy rocapuldencel-T is unlikely to meet any of the primary endpoints of the phase III ADAPT trial in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma. 
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