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Taking a New Look at Primary Resection in Distant Metastatic Breast Cancer
The rate of resection of primary breast cancer in the setting of distant metastatic disease has fallen dramatically over the past decade, but results from recent studies may alter this trend.
Employing preclinical detection using bioimpedance spectroscopy, breast centers are reporting progression to clinical lymphedema in less than 10% of patients at high risk of developing the condition.
Hospitalists and Nonphysician Providers Can Step Into the Breach
Andrew Seidman, MD, focuses on his view of the increasing role of nurse practitioners in the outpatient setting and hospitalists in the inpatient setting.
Looking for a Therapeutic Edge Among CDK Inhibitors
Whenever 3 agents joining the therapeutic armamentarium do so for similar indications with essentially identical mechanisms of action, it is reasonable to ask whether these agents have specific differences that might help decide which to use.
Testing the Power of Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy in Breast Cancer
Neoadjuvant therapy can eliminate both invasive and in situ carcinoma in up to 50% of patients, particularly when their subtypes are triple-negative disease or HER2-positive cancers.
Abemaciclib Data Reviewed as New Breast Cancer Indications Added
Abemaciclib (Verzenio) has quickly amassed several clinical indications for patients with metastatic breast cancer, and is the only CDK4/6 inhibitor approved as a single agent.
Neoadjuvant Endocrine Therapy Ideal for Some Breast Cancer Patients
Endocrine therapy can achieve tumor reduction for patients with ER-positive breast cancer, possibly avoiding the need for chemotherapy or even surgery in some patients; however, deciding how long to continue this therapy can be tricky.
AJCC Staging Manual Gives Boost to Precision Medicine
The latest revision of the staging manual for breast cancer from the American Joint Committee on Cancer is a quantum leap toward precision oncology, as it codifies advanced knowledge of the role of biologic factors in cancer, and oncologists should now be using it.
PARP Inhibitors Arrive for BRCA+ Breast Cancer
The PARP inhibitors have finally become available for patients with BRCA-mutant metastatic breast cancer, ushering in a potential new era for targeted therapies with studies currently ongoing in the adjuvant setting and exploring combinations.
Dual Targeting Advances in HER2+/HR+ Breast Cancer
The discovery of crosstalk between the HER2 and hormone receptor pathways has led to the promising treatment strategy of dual targeting regimens.
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