Gastrointestinal Cancer Articles

Chao Discusses Impact of RAINBOW, TAGS, and KEYNOTE Trials in Gastric/GEJ Cancer
The RAINBOW and TAGS trials have demonstrated strong evidence to support the use of ramucirumab and TAS-102 in patients with advanced gastric or gastroesophageal cancer who have progressed on first-line therapy. 
Older Patients With Gastric Cancer May Derive Greater Benefit From Andecaliximab
Manish A. Shah, MD, discusses the results of the GAMMA-1 trial and challenges that remain for patients with gastric cancer.
Microbial Metabolomics: A Search for the Missing Link to Cancer
Thanks to technological advances, the past several decades have witnessed a blossoming appreciation of the varied composition of these microbial communities, their complex and dynamic relationship with the host, and the way they affect health and disease.
Byrne Lee, MD, discusses regional treatment strategies for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
Novel Metabolic Therapy Demonstrates Activity in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer
SM-88, a novel compound that attacks oncogenic metabolic pathways, is under development for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer and other solid tumors, raising the potential for a tumor-agnostic therapy.
Marwan Fakih, MD, discusses recent trials in colorectal cancer and highlights other ongoing research in the field.
Targeted Therapies, Triplet Regimens Becoming Focus in Biliary Tract Cancers
Rachna T. Shroff, MD, MS, highlighted the ongoing research efforts in biliary tract cancers, specifically with cholangiocarcinoma treatment.
Online Tool Estimates the Risk for Lynch Syndrome
Because specific risk-reducing interventions may be available, it is important to identify individuals with germline variants in cancer susceptibility genes.
John Strickler, MD, discusses how liquid biopsies are being used to help guide treatment decisions for patients with GI cancers and shed light on other research efforts that are being made to improve outcomes.
Chung Captures Key Advances Across Pancreatic Cancer Paradigm
Vincent Chung, MD, discusses the therapeutic landscape of early-stage and advanced pancreatic cancer.
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