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Expert Emphasizes Healthy Lifestyle in Prostate Cancer Care
Stephen J. Freedland, MD, shares his insight on how to counsel patients with prostate cancer on the benefits of leading a healthier life.
Chemotherapy May Be Vital to Long-Term Immunotherapy Efficacy in Bladder Cancer
Parminder Singh, MD, discusses the potential of immunotherapy, the importance of sequencing to avoid disease progression, and the use of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to reach an unmet need in muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
Apalutamide Added to NCCN Prostate Cancer Guidelines
The NCCN now lists apalutamide (Erleada) as a category 1 recommendation for the treatment of patients with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. 
Cytoreductive Nephrectomy Retains Role in Modern RCC Era
James Wysock, MD, discusses the evolution of cytoreductive nephrectomy in renal cell carcinoma. 
2018 Ushers in New Era of Prostate Cancer Treatment
Edwin M. Posadas, MD, discusses the evolution of prostate cancer therapy, including the earlier use of advanced-stage agents and the potential for immunotherapy in the field.
Figlin Discusses Optimizing Expanding Treatment Options in RCC
Robert A. Figlin, MD, discusses the expanding RCC armamentarium and balancing the benefits and risks of standard and emerging treatments to achieve optimal outcomes.
Expert Addresses Advances and Challenges in Bladder Cancer
Mark Tyson, MD, discusses the management of localized advanced bladder cancer, the promise of immunotherapy, and his advice for urologists treating patients with bladder cancer.
Surgery, Brachytherapy-based Radiotherapy Induce Similar Survival in Localized Prostate Cancer
Investigators found no statistically significant difference in survival between radical prostatectomy alone and external beam radiotherapy plus brachytherapy with or without ADT after adjusting for imbalances in prostate cancer prognostic factors.
Risk Stratification Critical to Optimal Prostate Cancer Care
Erik P. Castle, MD, discusses the importance of risk stratifying low- and intermediate-risk localized prostate cancers.
FDA Approves 4-Week Nivolumab Dosing Schedule
The FDA has approved a supplemental biologics license application adding a 4-week dosing schedule for nivolumab across several of the PD-1 inhibitor’s indications.
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