Ovarian Cancer Articles

Prolonging PFS With PARP Inhibitors in Platinum-Sensitive Ovarian Cancer
Alexander Olawaiye, MD, discusses the trials that led to the expanded approvals of PARP inhibitors as maintenance therapy in women with platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer.  
Frontline Data for Newly Diagnosed Ovarian Cancer Leave Much to Be Discerned
Jessica L. Berger, MD, evaluates the treatment approaches available for patients with newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer.
Ovarian Cancer Researchers Continue to Push the Envelope
At the 2019 OncLive® State of the Science Summit™ on Ovarian Cancer, we asked experts from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center about the intriguing research being conducted at their institution.
Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Paradigm Continues to Evolve
Madeleine B. Courtney Brooks, MD, MPH, sheds light on the current treatment paradigm of recurrent ovarian cancer.
Immunotherapy Combo Strategies Are Major Research Focus in Ovarian Cancer
Brian Orr, MD, discusses the challenges with immunotherapy in ovarian cancer treatment while pointing to early promising data with combination regimens.
Questions Remain Across Treatment Modalities in Ovarian Cancer
John Comerci, Jr, MD, provides an overview of advances made in ovarian cancer and remaining challenges to address with future research.
PARP Inhibition Improves PFS as Frontline Maintenance in Ovarian Cancer, OS Data Awaited
Lan G. Coffman, MD, PhD, discusses pivotal trials evaluating frontline maintenance therapy in advanced ovarian cancer and unanswered questions that still need to be addressed with future research.
PARP Inhibition Continues to Make Waves in Ovarian Cancer
Terry L. Evans, MD, discusses the use of PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer and how they are poised to optimally fit in the treatment paradigm.
Olaparib Plus Bevacizumab Improves PFS as Frontline Maintenance in Ovarian Cancer
Combining olaparib with standard bevacizumab significantly improved progression-free survival compared with bevacizumab alone as frontline maintenance therapy in women with advanced ovarian cancer, regardless of BRCA status, according to topline results from the phase III PAOLA-1 trial.
Expert Explains Intricacies of Molecular Testing in Ovarian Cancer
Sarah E. Taylor, MD, discusses the role of somatic and germline testing for patients with ovarian cancer and their family members to create more personalized treatment and prevent disease.
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