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Folate Receptor Alpha as a Therapeutic Target for Ovarian Cancer
Investigational data are associated with folate receptor alpha-targeting agents, with an emphasis on the recent development and therapeutic potential of antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer.
Kathleen N. Moore, MD, discusses the potential impact of antibody-drug conjugates on outcomes for patients with ovarian cancer.
Michael Birrer, MD, PhD, discusses the evolution of folate receptor alpha-targeting agents in ovarian cancer.
Multiple agents that target folate receptor alpha have been developed and are currently under investigation for the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer.
Although there are several maintenance strategies to consider for patients with advanced ovarian cancer, the decision of which approach to pursue largely depends on the molecular makeup of an individual patient’s tumor.
PARP Inhibition Moves to Next Phase in Ovarian Cancer
Chrisann Kyi, MD, discusses the utility of PARP inhibitors in the primary treatment and maintenance settings for patients with recurrent ovarian cancer and the next steps that lie ahead.
Chemotherapy Remains Cornerstone of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Jason A. Konner, MD, sheds light on the current treatment landscape for patients with platinum-sensitive and platinum-resistant/recurrent ovarian cancer
Molecular Markers: From Testing to Treatment in Ovarian Cancer
Britta Weigelt, PhD, discusses germline and somatic mutations in ovarian cancer that confer potential implications on treatment decisions, as well as those that carry an added cancer risk.
Capitalizing on Integrative Immunotherapy in Ovarian Cancer
Dmitriy Zamarin, MD, PhD, discusses ongoing research regarding immunotherapy and synergistic strategies also under investigation in advanced ovarian cancer.
Frontline Approaches Fine-Tuned in Newly Diagnosed Ovarian Cancer
Paul Sabbatini, MD, clarifies where the field stands regarding the use of bevacizumab, intraperitoneal therapy, and a 3-week dosing schedule of chemotherapy versus a weekly dose-dense regimen in the frontline setting of newly diagnosed ovarian cancer.
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