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Patients Are a Virtue
It is 4:45 am on a Saturday in June.
An analysis of over 28,000 patients younger than 65 with incurable cancers found that approximately three-fourths of them received aggressive care within the last 30 days of life and one-third died in the hospital.
Web App Boosts Survival for Lung Cancer Patients
Patients with lung cancer who participated in a web-based system for reporting and tracking their symptoms achieved dramatic gains in survival compared with individuals who were followed with typical protocols.
A Second Chance
Tailoring your approach to how you interact with a patient can be beneficial.
The New Year offers little hope of breakthrough software improvements for medical practices, but experts say oncologists can still make 2015 a time of breakthrough productivity gains.
What patients with cancer perceive as relevant clinical outcomes, and how these outcomes are assessed, is important in the provision of routine care and in the arena of clinical trials.
Death with Dignity Acts have gained national attention, as the result of a recent initiative by a 29-year-old terminally ill cancer patient.
Reducing Pills From the Cup: Discontinuing Statins in Late-Stage Cancer Patients
For patients with less than a year to live, the discontinuation of statins may increase the median time-to-death and improve quality of life.
Six Words to Avoid When Talking With Patients
Ostensibly, the illness is the culprit. But it is also the cancer patient who is made culpable
Patients fear being a "guinea pig" or receiving a placebo, healthcare providers do not have time to keep up with all of the clinical trial information or talk with patients in depth, conducting clinical trials is very expensive for healthcare systems, and funding continues to decline for research.
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