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Nurse-Driven Website Empowers Nurses to Improve Patient Care
Improving communication, building relationships, coordinating activities among units, and engaging staff members are not only ways to create a more positive working environment, they are critical for maintaining patient safety.
A growing proportion of cancer patients and cancer survivors are adopting CAM diets and taking herbs, vitamins, and supplements for their healing properties-not in place of standard cancer therapy, but along with it and beyond treatment.
Ann Partridge, MD, MPH, from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Sandy Truong, a Harvard Medical School student, discuss the needs of cancer survivors and their efforts to optimize survivorship care.
It is no surprise that increasing rates of obesity are linked to increasing cancer incidence, but what is interesting is just how bad things are now, and how bad they are predicted to become in the years ahead.
Rebecca Kronk, PhD, CRNP, MSN, writes about evidence recognizing sleep disturbances and fatigue as common occurrences in children with cancer during treatment, after treatment, and in long-term survivors.
The security of genetic data collected from research study participants has emerged as a concern after investigators proved they could ferret out individual identities from large databases.
Oncology nurses have a crucial role to play in the care of patients with cancer, and central to this effort is an understanding that receiving the right information-at the right time-empowers patients throughout their cancer trajectory.
Linda Goodfellow, PhD, RN, of Duquesne University, discussing the important role nurses play in supporting the spouses of patients with cancer, a critical, yet often unmet need.
It has always been our job as cancer care physicians to guide the patient, even when our guidance is not what one would like to hear.
Maurie Markman, MD, asks who should decide whether it is ethically valid to consider off-label treatment in a patient with a very serious medical illness.
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