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Guardrails Keep Oncology Waste Management on the Right Track
A large proportion of medical waste in oncology is considered hazardous and must be disposed of correctly. 
Although use of wearable mobile health monitors has soared in other fields of healthcare, adoption of these electronic devices has lagged in oncology.
The often intense and frequently highly focused effort to seek scientific purity in answering questions within cancer clinical trials raises serious concerns regarding the ethical foundation of certain studies.
With just 2 more years to go in the Oncology Care Model, CMS is proposing a next-generation payment system that would include more private payers and hold practices more accountable for quality and costs of care.
President Trump Nominates Oncologist Stephen Hahn to Head FDA
President Donald Trump is nominating Stephen M. Hahn, MD, FASTRO, as the next commissioner of the FDA.
Radiation Oncology Model Will Not Satisfy Need for Payment Reform
In July 2019, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid proposed the Radiation Oncology Model, an important step forward in allowing the nation’s 4500 radiation oncologists to join in the transition to value-based healthcare.
Studies have raised doubts about the value Medicare and other payers are getting for the care they pay for, including in oncology. This has intensified the demand for new value-based care models such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System and the Oncology Care Model.
Certain themes and questions about individualized, scientifically unanswerable dilemmas often recur when talking with patients and families about treatment.
In an interview with OncologyLive®, Scott Gottlieb, MD, shared his insights on developments in the oncology arena.
The artificial intelligence system that IBM designed for oncology has demonstrated clinical utility in recent studies, generating excitement that the technology may have a role as a decision support tool.
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