Gynecologic Oncology Articles

Adjuvant Ipilimumab Shows Early Activity in Advanced Cervical Cancer
Immune checkpoint blockade with ipilimumab, combined with radiation therapy, is tolerable and effective in patients with node-positive, stage Ib2 to IV cervical cancer.
If Only That Phase III Oncology Trial Had Been Designed Differently
The cancer treatment community's ultimate perception of a successfully completed phase III randomized trial depends in large part on how well the trial was conceived and structured. To permit adequate accrual in a timely manner and optimize the chances for a study to achieve success, the question it poses must be relevant to ensure interest by clinical investigators, referring clinicians, and potential research subjects. Further, the initiative must have adequate funding for data collection and analysis, translational laboratory investigations, and other trial components.
Julia Fehniger, MD, discusses emerging strategies in the treatment paradigm for patients with BRCA1/2-mutant endometrial cancer.
Niraparib Plus Radiotherapy Explored in Metastatic Cervical Cancer
Investigators are exploring concurrent PARP inhibition and definitive regional radiotherapy in patients with metastatic invasive cervical cancer in an ongoing phase I/II study.
Combinations Will Lead the Way in Immunotherapy for Ovarian Cancer
Chemotherapy in combination with immunotherapy holds promise in the treatment paradigm for patients with ovarian cancer, Floor Backes, MD, said at the 2020 SGO Winter Meeting.
Role of PARP Inhibition Shifts in Ovarian Cancer as Research Efforts Expand
Robert L. Coleman, MD, FACOG, FACS, discusses the role of rucaparib as a treatment option for patients with ovarian cancer, how this agent compares with other PARP inhibitors in this space, and where research is headed for these agents.
Secord Shares Data to Digest With PARP Inhibitors in Ovarian Cancer
Three pivotal clinical trials evaluating PARP inhibitors have significantly impacted the treatment of patients with newly diagnosed ovarian cancer.
Immunotherapy Shows Promise in Cervical Cancer Treatment
With few chemotherapy options available for patients with cervical cancer, R. Wendel Naumann, MD, said that immunotherapy represents an attractive treatment option in the landscape.
Novel PARP Combinations Boost Responses in Ovarian Cancer
Floor J. Backes, MD, discusses the latest advancements made in the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer and the ongoing research efforts that are being made with novel combinations.
PARP Inhibitors May Have Benefit in <em>BRCA</em>-Mutant Endometrial Cancers
Tumors from a significant percentage of patients with endometrial cancer at NYU Langone Health’s Perlmutter Cancer Center were found to have BRCA1/2 somatic mutations.
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