Importance of Yoga Research

Monday, August 22, 2011
Scientific research documenting the effects of yoga practice on the health of people living with cancer is an exciting world to explore. Many outstanding scientists are applying the yoga practices of asana, breathing, and meditation to the care of people with cancer, helping them alleviate fatigue and improve their quality of life.

This video briefly discusses the outcomes of an analysis conducted on a number of published studies that tested yoga on people living with cancer. The link to this article is given below. Please watch the video, read the article, and then post your comments. Future blog postings will describe single studies involving yoga in adults with cancer.

Lisa Marie Bernardo, PhD, MPH, RN, HFS
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This blog highlights the current evidence for integrating yoga into cancer care. Strategies for practicing the eight-limbs of yoga are posted and shared. Video links allow for demonstration of yoga practices that benefit everyone.
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Lisa Marie Bernardo, PhD, RN, is a registered yoga teacher (RYT). She serves as a co-investigator on research projects related to yoga in women with osteopenia and individuals at risk for type-2 diabetes. Dr. Bernardo is an ACSM-certified Cancer Exercise Trainer and Health Fitness Specialist. She maintains a private practice in mind-body fitness using yoga, Stott-Pilates, and Gyrotonic to serve individuals with special healthcare needs.
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