Latest Perspectives in Ovarian Cancer Care


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Agenda Topics

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The closer we look, further we'll go

Highligting the current state of ovarian cancer and current treatments to understand the challenges faced by those living with ovarian cancer.

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What if the treatment were as unique as the tumor?

Understanding the history of where we've been with ovarian cancer, and what's in store for the future and your role in it.

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To test is to know what to target

Exploring the new advances in genomic profiling of ovarian cancer tumors and optimizing treatment outcomesfor patients.

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Using the journey to define the destination

Applying personalized treatments in practice, and the impacts these can have on those with ovarian cancer

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Latest Perspectives in Ovarian Cancer Care - Highlights
Embedding Biomarker Testing Protocols
Advancements in Ovarian Cancer Management and PARP Inhibitors
Diagnostics and Advances in Ovarian Cancer Management
The Biomarker Driven Nature of Ovarian Cancer
Integrated Care and Personalized Treatment
Enhancing Communication Around Personalized Medicine
Understanding the Importance of Integrated Care
Integrating Germline and Somatic Testing
Maintenance Therapy in Ovarian Cancer

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