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PARP Inhibitor Maintenance in Ovarian Cancer

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Module 1
The Unmet Need in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

A gynecologic oncologist reviews the current state of ovarian cancer and identifies areas of need.

Module 2
Biomarker Testing in Ovarian Cancer

A review of the types of testing patients with ovarian cancer should receive and how testing results impact treatment decisions.

Module 3
Frontline Maintenance in Ovarian Cancer

Expert commentary on the rationale and strategies for frontline maintenance therapy in patients with ovarian cancer.

Module 4
PARP Inhibitor Adverse Events

Commentary on adverse events seen with PARP inhibitors and strategies to manage them.

Module 5
Considerations for PARP Inhibitor Administration: Individualizing Treatment

Discussion of approaches to individualize dosing of PARP inhibitors.

Module 6
Looking Ahead: Future Directions for Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Insights are shared on what the future holds for advanced ovarian cancer.