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World Renowned Cancer Expert and "The Death of Cancer" Author Dr. Vincent T. DeVita Jr. Shares Insights on Eradicating Cancer

Published: Monday, Feb 29, 2016
PLAINSBORO, N.J. (February 29, 2016)OncLive®, the acclaimed platform of resources for the practicing oncologist, is now streaming an insightful and provocative video editorial with pioneering oncologist and author Dr. Vincent T. DeVita Jr., who penned “The Death of Cancer: After Fifty Years on the Front Lines of Medicine, a Pioneering Oncologist Reveals Why the War on Cancer Is Winnable - and How We Can Get There.”

Dr. DeVita helped usher in the modern era of chemotherapy in the mid-1960s with his development of a four-drug regimen for the treatment and cure of patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This achievement, one of countless many throughout his distinguished career, was chosen in an American Society of Clinical Oncology poll as the most pivotal clinical cancer research advance in the past 50 years.

Highlights of the video editorial include Dr. DeVita’s discussions on where more than $100 billion in American tax dollars was spent on the war on cancer; how targeted therapies, immuno-oncology and other treatments are helping physicians win the war on cancer; ways in which overregulation is handcuffing oncology research to the detriment of cancer patients; three major paradigm shifts making a major impact on cancer treatment; cancer prevention; curing cancer; and much more.

“As one of the first Giants of Cancer Care® award recipients, Dr. DeVita is one of the world’s pioneering and most respected physicians in oncology and combination chemotherapies,” said Silas Inman, director of editorial and multimedia for OncLive. “His insight and experience led to some exceptional and informative interview commentary for both physicians and the general public, very much like the content of his groundbreaking book.”

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