Dr. Mason on the Significance of the PROTECT Study in Prostate Cancer

Malcom Mason, MD

Malcom Mason, MD, Cancer Research Wales Professor of Clinical Oncology at Cardiff University, discusses the significance of the PROTECT study in prostate cancer during the 2017 EMUC Congress.

The purpose of the PROTECT study was to directly test 3 major modalities of treatment for localized prostate cancer, which included external beam radiotherapy, radical prostatectomy, or active monitoring in healthy patients who underwent PSA screening. Patients were counseled on the uncertainties of treating early prostatae cancer and were informed about the PROTECT trial prior to their diagnosis, Mason explains.

This is important because patients could consider the trial and these uncertainties without having their cancer diagnosis. A total 1600 patients were identified and randomized 3 ways between surgery, radiotherapy, or active monitoring, which was a unique achievement inn the field of prostate cancer, Mason concludes.

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