Dr. Nangia Discusses the Logistics of Implementing a Scalp Cooling System

Julie R. Nangia, MD

Julie R. Nangia, MD, assistant professor of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, discusses some logistical factors that oncologists and health care providers should know regarding implementing a scalp cooling system.

In April 2017, the FDA approved the Paxman scalp cooling system to prevent chemotherapy-related hair loss, making it the second device of its kind to be approved to use in the United States. While the device offers many patients with cancer the relief of not losing their hair to treatment, there are also some important considerations for healthcare providers before implementing the system.

A practice change of any kind will require staff support, and scalp cooling systems are no different. Providers and their teams may need to assist in fitting patients for the caps or getting financial clearance. Also, doctors should note that a scalp cooling system will add to the infusion times, which may make scheduling for busier cancer center difficult.
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