Dr. Berger on the Significance of the Cologuard Screening Test

Barry M. Berger, MD

Barry M. Berger, MD, FACP, chief medical officer, Exact Sciences, discusses the significance and benefits of the Cologuard screening test for colorectal cancer (CRC).

Berger explains the major takeaways of the study, which demonstrated an uptake in the use of Cologuard in daily clinical practice. A significant amount of patients who were previously non-compliant with CRC screening agreed to utilize the Cologuard test, which is defined as a multi-targeted stool DNA test.

This study looked at a total of 400 patients aged 65 years and older who had not had a colonoscopy or stool-based blood test in 10 years. Results showed that 88% of the non-compliant patients agreed to be screened via Cologuard, and of that 88%, 51 patients tested positive. Ninety percent of this group went on to have a diagnostic colonoscopy. These findings correlate with previous research that led to Cologuard's FDA approval for patients aged 65 years and older.
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