Dr. Albala on the Benefits of Robotic Surgery in Prostate Cancer

David Albala, MD

David Albala, MD, urologist and medical director, Associated Medical Professionals, discusses the benefits associated with robotic surgery in the treatment of patients with prostate cancer.

For patients undergoing a prostatectomy, Albala says robotic surgery can provide several benefits. Compared with open surgery, a robotic prostatectomy can result in fewer reports of pain and blood loss, as well as shorter hospital stays.

The real benefit, he says, has been the shorter recovery time for patients. In terms of blood loss, the average amount for a robotic prostatectomy is about 150 cubic centimeters, which is quite small compared with an open prostatectomy, in which patients lose approximately 700 to 1000 cubic centimeters.

The efficacy of the procedure and the complication rates are comparable, Albala explains. Overall, robotics really helps these patients in terms of reduced blood loss, length of stay, and catheter drainage time.
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