Dr. Desai on BGB-283 in Patients With BRAF or KRAS/NRAS Solid Tumors

Jayesh Desai, MD

Jayesh Desai, MD, honorary, Surgery, The Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology, Clinical School-Austin Health, Royal Melbourne Hospital, discusses a phase Ia study exploring BGB-283 in patients with BRAF- or KRAS/NRAS-mutated solid tumors.

BGB-283 is a RAF dimer inhibitor and potential BRAF and EGFR inhibitor that acts on RAF dimerization, Desai explains. Additionally, it can target downstream RAS-activated tumors. This could have potential in BRAF-mutant colorectal cancers, which has EGFR activation with BRAF inhibition.

Though this is an early phase study, results show that the agent can be administered safely. Next steps include moving BGB-283 into a larger phase Ib trial with a recommended phase II dose across 10 tumor types with molecular characteristics. Secondly, there is early evidence of activity with this agent in patients with select mutations in thyroid cancer, melanoma, endometrial cancer, and non–small cell lung cancer.

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