Dr. Forster on Recent Data With Lurbinectedin in SCLC

Martin Forster, MD

Martin Forster, MD, a medical oncologist, University College London Hospitals, discusses data of lurbinectedin (Zepsyre; PM1183) plus doxorubicin as a second-line therapy for patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC).

Lurbinectedin is a novel agent designed to have activity in patients with platinum-resistant cancers, including SCLC, explains Forster. In August 2018, the drug was granted an orphan drug designation by the FDA to treat patients with SCLC. It is known that anthracyclines such as doxorubicin, also have activity in this patient population. Therefore, the addition of lurbinectedin, which has relatively non-overlapping toxicities with doxorubicin, would enhance the benefit of the anthracycline.

Thus far, data with the combination have demonstrated encouraging response rates with a good tolerability profile. The dose has been modified from the recommended phase II dose, and is now slightly reduced, which has led to it being more compatible with safe delivery and activity. Efficacy has been reported in patients with relapsed disease after first-line therapy who have both platinum-sensitive and -resistant disease.
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