Dr. Francis Discusses the SOFT Trial for Breast Cancer

Prudence Francis, MD

Prudence Francis, MD, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, discusses the SOFT trial for patients with breast cancer.

The SOFT trial was designed to investigate the question of whether adding ovarian suppression to tamoxifen would improve outcomes in premenopausal women who had hormone receptor (HR)-positive breast cancer. This trial investigated tamoxifen alone, tamoxifen plus ovarian suppression, and exemestane plus ovarian suppression.

The updated results have a median 8 years of follow-up. There is statistically significant improvement in disease-free survival following this longer follow-up. In the high-risk patients who received chemotherapy, there are overall survival advantages in this group of patients, which needs to be investigated further.

The 5-year freedom from breast cancer rate was 95.8% for those treated with tamoxifen alone versus 95.1% and 97.1% for tamoxifen or exemestane plus ovarian suppression. In the 3 groups, respectively, there were 6, 7, and 3 distant recurrences at 5 years.

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