Dr. Hamilton on Extended Adjuvant Therapy for HER2+ Breast Cancer

Erika P. Hamilton, MD

Erika P. Hamilton, MD, director of the Breast and Gynecologic Research Program at Sarah Cannon Research Institute, discusses the role of extended adjuvant therapy for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer.

The role of extended adjuvant therapy in HER2-positive breast cancer may not be quite as clear as in estrogen receptor–positive disease, but there is a benefit, explains Hamilton. For those women who have a higher risk and are motivated, it is a reasonable option.

It is important to be careful with neratinib (Nerlynx) due to the toxicity, as there is significant diarrhea associated with the drug. For women who are having trouble tolerating it despite antidiarrheals, or for women who do not have a high risk for recurrence, it may not be worth it in this setting. However, for women who are high risk and can tolerate it, it is a valuable option, states Hamilton.
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