Dr. Kelly on the JAVELIN Solid Tumor Trial

Karen Kelly, MD

Karen Kelly, MD, associate director for Clinical Research, Jennifer Rene Harmon Tegley and Elizabeth Erica Harmon Endowed Chair in Cancer Clinical Research, professor of Medicine, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, discusses the results of the phase Ib JAVELIN Solid Tumor Trial.

This international trial has multiple expansion cohorts with a 3+3 design, Kelly explains. The trial set the 10 mg/kg bi-weekly dose of avelumab as the recommended phase II dose, before going onto 16 selected to solid tumor cohorts. In the phase Ib analysis, a safety update of avelumab was examined in the first 900 patients.

Results showed that there were minimal differences in toxicity observed. Patients who were enrolled in the first-line non–small cell lung cancer cohort experienced slightly less toxicity versus patients in the other cohorts, she adds.

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