Dr. Konduri Addresses Unanswered Questions in NSCLC

Kartik Konduri, MD

Kartik Konduri, MD, co-medical director of the Lung Cancer Center of Excellence, Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, Baylor University Medical Center, discusses lingering questions in patients with non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Konduri notes that the biomarker space is improving on a day-to-day basis. However, physicians will have to determine how easy it will be to reproduce these biomarkers in regular practice and clinical practice, how efficacious it will be to try to get the testing done, and how much of an expense it will be? These are all practical questions that could have serious implications for patients who will need treatment in the future.

With regard to molecular markers, there are many evaluations that are being done to look for different or resistance mutations. Again, determining how easy it will be to test, and whether physicians adopt liquid-based or tissue-based testing as a means of trying to find these markers are crucial to the progression of treatment for these patients.
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