Dr. Markman Discusses the Future of Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Maurie Markman, MD

Maurie Markman, MD, president of Medicine and Science, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, editor-in-chief, OncologyLive, and 2018 Giant of Cancer Care® for Gynecological Cancers, discusses the future of treatment for patients with ovarian cancer.

According to Markman, the paradigm of ovarian cancer is leading the way in solid malignancies. The current advancements that are being made in this treatment landscape will be seen increasingly in other tumors types in the years to come, he adds. With more effective therapies coming to the market, ovarian cancer may have the potential to be treated as a chronic disease in the near future. The ultimate goal of curing ovarian cancer begins with taking a precision medicine approach to the treatment of patients, Markman says.

With the advancements in chemotherapy, in addition to the advent of targeted therapies and immunotherapies, the long-term management of patients with ovarian cancer can be very effective, Markman explains. Managing ovarian cancer as if it was a chronic disease allows patients to have a better quality of life, and gives them more flexibility to live their lives as they see fit, he concludes.
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