Dr. Nangia on Challenges Facing Hair Loss Treatment for Breast Cancer

Julie R. Nangia

Julie R. Nangia, MD, assistant professor, Breast Center-Clinic, faculty senator, Baylor College of Medicine, discusses hair loss prevention treatment for patients with breast cancer.

Until recently, the only tool available for patients was the Penguin Cold Caps, which had variations in temperature, explains Nangia. The Orbis Paxman Hair Loss Prevention System, fits the entire scalp, which leads to a more consistent hair loss prevention device.

One of the main barriers is the cost, which is around $1500 to $3000. This device can also add 1 extra hour of chair time in a clinic, which could take time away from infusions. According to Nangia, clinics are going to have to rethink the process in order to make this available to more patients.
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