Dr. Soliman on Investigational Combination Therapies in Patients With Breast Cancer

Hatem Soliman, MD

Hatem Soliman, MD, medical oncologist, The Center for Women’s Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses the use of combination therapies in the treatment of patients with breast cancer.

Immunotherapy agents, specifically checkpoint inhibitors, has received the most focus because that is where the most development has occurred. These agents have been run through early phase trials, and some of these agents are in phase III registration studies as well, states Soliman.

Physicians also want to look at future combinations and strategies using other checkpoint inhibitors or immunomodulatory drugs, such as LAG-3 agents, which appear to be showing some potential promise in combination with other checkpoint treatments. The use of oncolytic therapy is also being explored in a clinical trial at Moffitt Cancer Center, says Soliman.
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