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Practical Questions on Checkpoint Agents Arise

Amy Karon, MPH
Published: Friday, Jan 05, 2018
Elizabeth Plimack, MD

Elizabeth Plimack, MD
Although the advent of checkpoint blockade immunotherapies has inspired more excitement among oncologists than any other recent anticancer therapeutic development,1,2 researchers and clinicians alike are wrestling with an array of questions concerning how best to translate this new modality into practice.


Table. FDA Recommendations for Checkpoint Immunotherapies4-10


Historically, most monoclonal antibodies were dosed according to body weight because body size was thought to affect pharmacokinetics (PKs).11 Early studies of pembrolizumab used the same approach, but as more PK data became available, researchers revisited the need for weight-based dosing. Pembrolizumab, nivolumab, and atezolizumab are now approved at fixed doses for treating several tumor types.
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