Flash Findings: Cancer Facts

Published: Thursday, Aug 12, 2010


•    “African-American men are 65% more

      likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer

      than Caucasian-American men and

      are more than twice as likely to die from

      the disease.”

•   “Every year, 70,000 men require additional

     treatment due to a recurrence of

     prostate cancer.”

     Source: Prostate Cancer Facts, Prostate Cancer


•   “Prostate cancer is expected to be diagnosed

     in 218,890 men and cause 27,050

     deaths this year.”

     Source: Cancer Facts and Figures 2007, National

     Cancer Institute

Breast Cancer

•     “Breast cancer is estimated to be diagnosed

       in 180,510 women in 2007 and

       cause 40,910 deaths.”

•     “After increasing for more that two decades,

      female breast cancer incidence

      rates leveled off between 2001-2003.

      Death rates from breast cancer have

      steadily decreased in women since 1990,

      with larger decreases in women younger

      than 50 years (a decrease of 3.3% per

      year) than in those 50 years and older

      (2.0% per year).”

      Source: Cancer Facts and Figures 2007, National

      Cancer Institute


•     Lung cancer is expected to produce

      213,380 new cases and 160,390 deaths

      this year.”

      Source: Cancer Facts and Figures 2007, National

      Cancer Institute

•     “Radon is the second leading cause of

      lung cancer in the United States and

      causes between 15,000 and 22,000 lung

      cancer deaths each year – 12% of all lung

      cancer deaths are linked to radon.”

      Facts about Lung Cancer, American Lung Association


•      “Leukemia represents 26% of all cancers

       occurring among children younger than

       20 years old from 2000-2003.”

•      “Acute leukemias account for nearly 9%

       more of the cases than chronic leukemias.”

•      “Incidence rates for all types of leukemia

       are higher among males than among

       females. In 2006, males are expected to

       account for more than 57% of the cases

       of leukemia.”

       Source: Leukemia Facts and Statistics, Leukemia

       & Lymphoma Society


•      “An estimated 66,670 Americans will

       be diagnosed with lymphoma in 2006

       (58,870 cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

       and 7,800 cases of Hodgkin lymphoma).”

•      “Among the 66,670 new cases of lymphoma

       this year, the disease will aff ect

       34,870 males and 31,800 females.”

•      “The fi ve-year relative survival rate for

       patients with Hodgkin lymphoma has

       increased from 73% in 1975-1977 to 86%

       in 1996-2002.”

       Source: Lymphoma Facts and Statistics, Leukemia

       & Lymphoma Society

Multiple Myeloma

•      “In 2007 it is estimated that there will

       be 19,900 new cases of multiple myeloma

       in the United States, causing 10,790


       Source: Cancer Facts and Figures 2007, National

       Cancer Institute

•      “The median survival in the prechemotherapy

       era for multiple myeloma was

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