Southeast to Take Brunt of ACA Pullouts

Meir Rinde
Published: Wednesday, Oct 05, 2016
Michael Roberts, MD

Michael Roberts, MD

First it was UnitedHealthcare, then Humana, then Aetna. One by one, major payers have announced they will withdraw from many Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces at the end of this year, leaving residents of hundreds of counties with just one or two payers selling policies on the government-run exchanges. For a few weeks it appeared the marketplace for Pinal County, Arizona might have no plans at all, despite the law’s requirement that most Americans carry health insurance.



Figure: Payer Participation in Health Exchanges Will Plummet

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Currently, only Wyoming has a single marketplace carrier in every county, but Alabama, Alaska, Oklahoma, and South Carolina will likely join that list in January, according to the foundation. Single-carrier marketplaces have been concentrated in rural states, including West Virginia, Utah, South Carolina, and Nevada, and will become much more prevalent in Arizona and several southern states, most significantly Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
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