April 2014 | Oncology Business News®

Regional Cancer Care Associates Delivers Value-Based Care

June 10, 2014

We have been asked on numerous occasions why would almost 100 oncologists "give up their independence and identity in their community" and become part of Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA), a new entity with a single tax identification number?

Peter B. Bach, MD, Discusses New Payment Reform Models

June 06, 2014

Peter B. Bach, MD, MAPP, discussed at a conference recently hosted by The American Journal of Managed Care how new payment models are challenging the current fee-for-service model for community care cancer centers.

Enabling At-Risk Bundled Oncology Reimbursement: Why, When, and How

May 08, 2014

The current state of affairs in oncology care reimbursement is in flux, with the promise for dramatic change. It is hoped that change will foster value-based oncology care delivery, avoid the need to ration care indiscriminately, and allow for continued discovery and advancement. Good luck!

Docs Hesitant to Embrace Genomic Tests

April 28, 2014

A physician's confidence level in his genomic knowledge plays a significant role in attitudes towards genomic tests, especially in tests that look for changes in DNA that are taken from patients' tumor samples