April 2017 | Oncology Business News®

Pharmacies Are Wary of Risking Revenues to Promote Value-Based Care

June 08, 2017

Major pharmacy companies are paying attention to the movement toward value-based care in oncology, but recent comments from representatives of 2 top firms suggest this sector is wary of risking capital to lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

Assess, Plan, and Be Flexible for MIPS

May 02, 2017

Under the new Quality Payment Program, most providers, including community oncologists, are expected to fall under Merit-based Incentive Payment System for the 2017 performance year. With careful analysis and planning, community oncology practices can choose measures that are a good fit and hold the most opportunity for revenue enhancement.

The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

April 04, 2017

When it comes to achievements in the war against cancer, there’s much to celebrate, ASCO said in its fourth annual report on the state of cancer care in America, which we discuss in our lead story this month for Oncology Business ManagementTM.