December 2016 | Oncology Business News®

Behind the Scenes, Value Is a Struggle

December 17, 2016

Delivering patient-centered care is not an easy task in an increasingly complex environment, participants at the 4th Annual Institute for the Future of Oncology concluded at the June meeting.

Battle Over Oral Drugs Causes Disruption

December 14, 2016

When a leading pharmacy benefit manager, CVS Caremark, announced in August that it would stop covering prescriptions at physician dispensaries for patients with Medicare Part D drug coverage, it fell to practice staffers like Tommy Harwood to deal with the resulting consternation.

Humana CEO Cheers for Risk-based Models

December 05, 2016

Value-based reforms from CMS have been received like extra work at the end of a long hard day. It hasn’t helped that making the leap to patient-centered care has involved grappling with a new set of quality metrics and wringing higher levels of performance out of electronic health reporting systems.

New "GPS" Test Is Designed to Predict Drug Efficacy

November 22, 2016

A test that may be considered beyond next generation in the oncological disease testing market is getting a trial run from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey with help from a growing patient database known as COTA.