January 2016 | Oncology Business News®

Value and Market Access Considerations Often Missing From Trial Design

January 26, 2016

Having an evidence package at launch that satisfies payers’ value criteria will increase the likelihood that payers will reimburse the drug at a desirable price and enable patient access to innovative treatments.

2015 Was a Year of Integration–and Adjustment

January 18, 2016

Looking back on 2015 in the field of oncology practice, a lot of the groundwork was laid for what the Association of Community Cancer Centers predicted in a fall report: “increased reliance on team-based care and care provided by nonphysicians.”

Biased DTC Ads Raise Fresh Concern Among Physicians

January 05, 2016

Unsuccessful efforts have been made to improve the quality of information provided to consumers about advertised drugs, and against that backdrop, the American Medical Association has called for an outright ban on direct-to-consumer drug advertising.

Strong Evidence for Palliative Care Intervention But Adoption Is Slow

January 04, 2016

As more studies link aggressive end-of-life oncology care to problems such as suboptimal cost and quality outcomes, experts are increasingly proposing earlier, more comprehensive palliative care interventions.

ACA Deductibles and Copays Are Obstacles to Patient-Doctor Talks

January 01, 2016

The high cost of deductibles and copays under Affordable Care Act health exchange policies is a barrier in oncological care that renders the discussion of patient involvement in therapy choices somewhat moot.