May 2017 | Oncology Business News®

Practices Rush to Prepare for USP

May 09, 2017

Terra Universal, an environmental solutions company based in Fullerton, California, came to a point recently where it was no longer willing to sell and design clean-room setups for oncology practices unless potential clients first sat down with a consultant who could give them reliable guidance on what they needed.

Science Marches On and Policy Lags Behind

May 07, 2017

The research presented at AACR focused on the fundamentals of cell biology, cell aging, and cell death; how the immune system recognizes and kills cancer cells; and how, in turn, cancer cells avoid immune system detection.

Independents No Longer Dominate the Chemotherapy Infusion Market

May 05, 2017

As recently as the late 1990s, a practice could charge enough for chemotherapy drugs that it could easily afford to treat patients who had Medicare coverage and no additional insurance. Today, that is often no longer the case.

It Takes a Big Mess to Create a Clean Room

May 01, 2017

The clock is ticking on the anticipated implementation of the US Pharmacopeial Convention Chapter 800 (USP ) standards for hazardous drug management, which are expected to become widely enforceable starting July 1, 2018.