November 2015 | Oncology Business News®

Compatibility Check: Can Precision Medicine and Pathways Co-Exist?

December 23, 2015

One of the most widely talked about trends in healthcare is precision medicine, which uses detailed genetic information about a patient’s cancer to more precisely treat the disease, effectively targeting the tumor. This heightened awareness raises an important question: are precision medicine and pathways compatible?

Work Out the True Value of Services Rendered

November 21, 2015

Site neutrality sounds like something from the Cold War—a zone on a bridge between two ideologically different countries, for instance. In oncology, it’s something completely different.

ICD-10 Blows Over Like Y2K

November 03, 2015

The advent of ICD-10 turned out to be a lot like the Y2K scare of 15 years ago when a structural programming characteristic dating from the dawn of the computer age seemed likely to cause the digital world to grind to a halt.

Early Marketing of ROCA CA-125 Ovarian Test Sparks Concern

October 07, 2015

The jury is still out on whether use of an algorithm to help classify risk levels in ovarian cancer can improve overall survival but a company is already marketing the system in Britain and plans to bring it to the United States before the end of the year.