October 2017 | Oncology Business News®

A "Perfect Storm" Drove Independent to Merge With Hospital

October 31, 2017

As many hard-pressed physician practices have been doing in the present healthcare environment, our oncology practice also had to take a hard look at our operational design, strategy for the future, and sustainability.

CMS Claims Data Provide Glimpse of True Cost Picture

October 27, 2017

As the Oncology Care Model practices work to reduce Medicare’s overall spending on those patients and to earn shared savings payments, the data are providing them with an unprecedented full picture of the extent and cost of care.

Independence Versus Survival

October 02, 2017

It can be tough running a community-based oncology practice. Hospitals are expanding their oncology operations, there is a shortage of oncologists—particularly business-minded oncologists—and public and private payers have made it more difficult to get paid.