Game Changers

Mike Hennessy
Published: Monday, Jan 18, 2016
Mike Hennessy

OncLive Chairman,
Mike Hennessy

A decade ago, the conversation in publishing circles often revolved around the disruptive power of the Internet—whether it would change forever the way people consumed information and whether the industry would be able to adapt. Would print publications face the same fate as buggy manufacturers after the automotive age dawned?

Since you’re reading this publisher’s note on a printed page, you know that some forms of the medium are still going strong. You also know that the Internet has indeed dramatically disrupted the way you obtain information.

In many ways, we’re at a similar point in the oncology field. Disruptive technology abounds across a broad range of tumor types and clinicians throughout the spectrum of care will be learning about and adapting to new paradigms.

That theme is an underlying refrain throughout this issue of OncologyLive. In our cover story, “Novel Therapies Likely to Change Role of Stem Cell Transplants in Blood Cancers,” leading researchers discuss the impact that the many new drugs for hematologic malignancies will have on which patients are recommended for transplants. Although the idea that drugs can replace transplants is enticing, the procedure has itself been transformative for so many patients that doctors will not rush to abandon it, at least in certain tumor types.

In our OncLive Peer Exchange presentation, expert panelists wrestle with one of the most pressing questions in melanoma treatment: how to integrate the targeted therapy combinations now available and the immunotherapies that have entered the picture.

And finally, Editor-in-Chief Maurie Markman, MD, tackles an important issue for the molecular era: how are researchers going to analyze the efficacy of drugs targeted to small subsets of patients with supposedly matching abnormalities?

These are exciting problems to have. The challenges of figuring out how to best employ so many new tools—even with the cost burdens that these novel medicines present—are far different from the dilemmas clinicians faced when punishing chemotherapy regimens and disfiguring surgical procedures were all they had to offer patients.

Please let us know what you would like to read about the changing scene in oncology. Our goal is to provide you with information you can use in your practice.

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