Network Enlists Practicing Oncologists to Develop Plans

Tony Hagen @oncobiz
Published: Saturday, Feb 03, 2018
 Kathleen LokayD

Kathleen Lokay
Years ago, it might have been enough for an oncologist to go onto a golf course with other physicians from the community and, during a round of 18 holes, cement a deal to refer patients and gain referrals. These days, the talk is all about value and outcomes, and every physician is on the hook to measure up against those 2 variables. Physicians are carefully evaluating potential partnership and referral deals to ensure that whatever they do is perceived as aligned with delivering better, more efficient care, according to Kathleen Lokay, president and CEO of Via Oncology, a pathways developer.

These days, an oncology specialist’s partners in care delivery “want to make sure you’re not only someone who will take care of patients but that you’re thoughtful about resources,” Lokay said during a presentation on treatment pathways at the 2017 Patient-Centered Oncology Care Conference (PCOC), held in November in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Via is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, company that says it has created a network of 1500 providers in 27 states that shares a system of oncology treatment pathways that can help to standardize care along lines of evidence-based medicine and reduce what has been labeled in the profession as unwarranted variation—tests and procedures that add little or nothing to the treatment outcome.
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