NGS Should Be Administered for All Patients With Advanced or Metastatic Cancer

Gina Columbus @ginacolumbusonc
Published: Friday, Jun 07, 2019
Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD

Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD

All patients with cancer, regardless of tumor type, should undergo next-generation sequencing (NGS) to have a comprehensive and precision medicine-focused treatment plan, explained Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD. However, the uptick of this testing needs to become much more widespread.

“I believe that we are significantly undertesting patients in this country,” said Nadauld. “I believe the vast majority of patients, in the United States at least, are not having microsatellite instability–high, mismatch repair, and NTRK fusion status routinely tested in their tumors, and they are deprived at times of having these therapies because we don’t know their biomarker status—because we don’t test for it.”

In an interview with OncLive®, Nadauld, executive director of Precision Medicine and Precision Genomics at Intermountain Healthcare, shed light on the current use of NGS and the ongoing efforts to make this testing more widespread across the United States.

OncLive: How would you classify the use of NGS?

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