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Patient-Centered Focus Drives Growth at Virginia Urology

Ariela Katz
Published: Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018
Charlie Jung, MD

Charlie Jung, MD

Virginia Urology, a practice with specialists in surgery, radiation, and oncology, has grown steadily over 75 years by remaining patient focused. Centered in Richmond with multiple locations along the Interstate 95 corridor, Virginia Urology has always prioritized quality care—not just in the office but outside too—for example, when providing follow-up care. To the physicians, this makes financial as well as ethical sense.

The group encompasses 7 clinics, a dedicated urology hospital, and 2 ambulatory care centers. “We want to grow in a sense that covers all aspects of medical care and make the fragmented healthcare system more cohesive,” Charlie Jung, MD, a urologist at Virginia Urology, said. He added that the group didn’t make it a goal to become a large practice; it just happened that the demand for its services was strong. “We never started acquiring groups for the sake of getting bigger. It was about taking care of patients in the Richmond area.”

In September, Virginia Urology opened the doors of its newest Richmond facility—a 90,000-square-foot treatment center that includes an ambulatory surgery center with 9 operating rooms, an imaging center with computed tomography and MRI, an infusion center, and an expanded pathology department with a molecular diagnostics laboratory. The new center was created from a preexisting structure that Virginia Urology renovated and modernized.

The new facility enables the group to better cover the continuum of cancer care, from initially seeing a patient in the office to following up with diagnosis, surgery, or other treatments to managing care when the patient goes home. Jung says this is how they can best ensure quality care and overcome any challenges presented by poor coordination in the broader healthcare system.

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