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Frank A. Vicini, MD, radiation oncologist, 21st Century Oncology of Michigan, discusses a European study that examined the efficacy of accelerated partial breast irradiation versus conventional whole breast irradiation in patients with low-risk breast cancer.
Women diagnosed with early-stage breast disease have a variety of decisions to make regarding their treatment options. For example, some women may be eligible for breast-conserving surgery, which typically includes a lumpectomy followed by radiation.
Radiation-driven immunotherapy (RDI) is an exciting area of research where evidence is accumulating suggesting that this biological process may have important ramifications for the future of clinical radiotherapy.
Eduardo Fernandez, MD, PhD, FACRO, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs / Medical Director for Latin America, Radiation Oncologist, 21st Century Oncology, discusses the potential for immunotherapy and radiation therapy to be used together to treat prostate cancer.
Dwight L. Fitch, MD, Radiation Oncologist, 21st Century Oncology in Bradenton, Florida, discusses dose modifications for radiation therapy in patients with prostate cancer.
Gustavo Olivera, PhD, from 21st Century Oncology, discusses an analysis of a radiation oncology registry.
Niraj Mehta, MD, Radiation Oncologist, 21st Century Oncology, discusses the reliability of automated segmentation for lung volumes in breast, lung, and esophageal cancers.
Daniel H. Galmarini, Chief Technology Officer/Director, Physics and Engineering, 21st Century Oncology, provides an overview of adaptive radiotherapy.
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