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Challenges to Scientific Expertise: Future Implications for Oncology

October 12, 2021

The continued uncertainties of the current and future status of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a lack of trust in the authority of the scientific establishment in the United States, and elsewhere, as it operates during these difficult times.

Untangling Fact From Bias in the Age of Social Media and Mistrust

September 02, 2021

It is difficult to overstate the confusion associated with our nation’s messaging regarding a well-considered, rational, and scientifically based public health–focused approach to the current and future ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gaps Persist in Understanding the Fundamentals of Informed Consent

July 14, 2021

Within the hierarchy of clinical trials, phase 3 randomized studies remain the gold standard, though some argue that appropriately designed meta-analysis of multiple studies provides even more definitive and meaningful insight.

Precision Medicine Presents a Disconnect in Oncology Practice

June 16, 2021

Multiple FDA approvals and an increasing number of clinical trials examining molecular target–based therapeutics, including second- or even third-generation drugs against a well-defined target, present an ever-widening array of drugs for routine cancer care based on the discovery of specific molecular targets within the tumor or within the germline.

COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy Finds Echo in Cancer Care

June 01, 2021

Although the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is unprecedented in speed and scope, the process of postapproval surveillance has been shown to be robust and should serve as a source of reassurance to the public regarding the effectiveness of the initial and follow-up review process.

Reaching Conclusions From Limited Data Holds Pitfalls

May 13, 2021

The challenges of assessing COVID-19 vaccines shows that events in the real world may differ from those of a formal objective scientific analysis, especially in a setting where such evaluations of necessity involve very small numbers.

Clinical Progress Creates Need for Decision-Support Tools

April 20, 2021

The current endorsement of 3 COVID-19 vaccines in the United States, with several additional products pending FDA review, in less than 1 year from the identification of the structure of the COVID-19 virus is simply remarkable.

PFS Deserves More Than Surrogate Status as a Clinical Trial End Point

January 20, 2021

Although recent benefits do not pertain to all cancers and “cure” remains a relatively uncommon event, oncologists have an increasing number of molecularly targeted and immunotherapeutic strategies to employ based on objectively meaningful clinical trial outcomes.

Markman: COVID-19 Takes Science on a Roller-Coaster Ride

January 10, 2021

In a pandemic, the public and its leaders yearn for relatively simple answers that can lead to solutions and forceful actions such as preventing serious infection and hospitalizations, treating active illness, and developing safe and effective vaccines quickly made available to the public.

Pandemic Heightens Stress of Cancer Diagnosis

December 01, 2020

The repercussions of delays in diagnosing cancer, either through screening or the presence of early symptoms, and of required modifications in standard-of-care management paradigms in the COVID-19 era are only now beginning to be fully appreciated.

Old-Fashioned Biology Trumps Technological Potential

April 10, 2019

The recent technological advances in medicine and related fields have encouraged a belief among many that there is little technology will not be able to accomplish in improving cancer-related clinical outcomes, but it must be acknowledged that clinical medicine and cancer biology are extremely complex arenas.

Dr. Markman on Cost Effectiveness of Precision Medicine in Gynecologic Cancers

January 15, 2019

Maurie Markman, MD, president of Medicine and Science, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, editor-in-chief, OncologyLive, and 2018 Giant of Cancer Care for Gynecological Cancers, discusses the cost effectiveness of precision medicine in gynecologic cancers.

Dr. Markman on Precision Medicine in Ovarian Cancer

November 30, 2018

Maurie Markman, MD, president of Medicine and Science, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, editor-in-chief, OncologyLive, and 2018 Giant of Cancer Care for Gynecological Cancers, discusses the impact of precision medicine in ovarian cancer.