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Researcher Hopes Liquid Biopsies Will Make Mark in Prostate Cancer

Gina Columbus @ginacolumbusonc
Published: Monday, Nov 21, 2016

Howard I. Scher, MD

Howard I. Scher, MD

How oncologists can translate their increased understanding of the biology of prostate cancer into clinical practice is a question being raised currently in the field, explains Howard I. Scher, MD, adding, that the emergence of liquid biopsies could possibly be one way to tackle the issue.

State of the Science Summit on Genitourinary Cancers. In an interview, he explains the biology known thus far about multiple prostate cancer subtypes and how liquid biopsies will likely shape the future treatment landscape of the disease.

OncLive: What are the current challenges with predicting response to treatment?

Scher: We know that androgen receptor (AR)¬–directed therapies, when given the first time, work very well. However, when you go from 1 to the other, the response rate is significantly lower. Most patients don’t respond well, but there is a subset for which it does work well. The question is, “How do we identify those patients ahead of time so they benefit?” How do we identify the patients unlikely to benefit, so they will be spared of the toxicity and cost of treatment?
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