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Leading prostate cancer experts Neal Shore, MD, E. David Crawford, MD, Steven E. Canfield, MD, and Marc Dall'Era, MD, discuss active surveillance and the use of the Oncotype DX prostate cancer assay for newly diagnosed low-risk prostate cancer.
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We invite you to visit this new interactive publication (iPub) led by 2 oncology experts, Fadi Braiteh, MD, and Robin Wachsman, RN, BS, OCN, CCRN, CBCN, as they review important clinical information about an option for appropriate patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).
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Oncology nurses Una Hopkins, DNP, and Natalie C. Mandolfo, APRN, explore the efficacy, safety, dosing, and administration of a single-agent therapy option for metastatic breast cancer patients.
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Dr Charles G. Drake and Dr Leonard G. Gomella review evidence supporting the immune system's role in cancer, and discuss the characteristics of an immune response, classes of immunotherapeutic agents, and future clinical considerations for the use of immunotherapy in cancer care, as well as explore the current compounds in development for the treatment of a variety of cancers.
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This interactive guide was designed to provide real patient perspectives to help physicians and other health care professionals bridge the gap that may exist between them and their patients so that patients get the information they need. These videos feature real women with metastatic breast cancer in their own words, relaying their thoughts on how to communicate with other patients like themselves and identify questions and considerations that may be going unanswered.
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This program discusses the origins of Oncolytic Immunotherapy (OI) research, and highlights how Amgen has recognized OI and is investigating ways to harness the potential of OI when treating patients with cancer.
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Leading oncologist Dr Mark Socinski addresses the efficacy, safety, and importance of first-line treatment of metastatic non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer.
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Dr Ronald Bukowski and Dr Thomas Hutson present this interactive guide reviewing metastatic renal cell carcinoma.
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Dr James Mohler and Dr Philip Kantoff review the pathophysiology and management of prostate cancer, while focusing on castration-resistant prostate cancer.
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This iResource Center highlights some of the organizations in the United States whose mission is to increase research funding; provide emotional and financial support for patients, their families, and caregivers; and promote public awareness and acceptance of patients with prostate cancer.
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Affiliated Interactive Publications

Best Practices and Innovative Heathcare Reform Models

An interactive supplement that provides a new and unique way to review the best practices and innovative healthcare reform models. This supplement covers a value-based insurance design, integrated deliver systems, and innovative health reform models or pay-for-performance initiatives.

The program offers a unique guide to the medical home as a practice-level intervention and lessons to apply to national comprehensive healthcare reform. Learn more


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