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Pharmacy Expert Shares Insights on Ready-to-Use Cytotoxic Drugs

Published: Saturday, Nov 10, 2018

Jeffrey C. Lombardo, PharmD, BCOP

Jeffrey C. Lombardo, PharmD, BCOP

The availability of cytotoxic drugs in a premixed, ready-to-use (RTU) format provides another option for oncology specialists and their patients, according to Jeffrey C. Lombardo, PharmD, BCOP. Pharmacists have been administering prepackaged drugs for agents used in the infectious disease field, such as antibiotics and electrolyte supplements, and the benefits are multifaceted, Lombardo said.


OncLive: What are some of the current challenges that community practices and infusion centers are facing with USP <800> and <797>?

Lombardo: The adoption of USP <800> is really posing some challenges for [healthcare providers]. If you look at USP <797>, those [recommendations] are really [centered] around sterility, but USP <800> focuses on the healthcare worker—those who receive the product, store the product, compound the product—how we administer the drug to the patient at the bedside or in the chair, and where we dispose of it. As you can see, this is an encompassing task with a lot of policy procedures. A lot of thought has to be put into this to make sure you have the right guidance documents in place.

My guess is that some practices will not take on this endeavor and decide to send their patients to an independent infusion center that is up to code and compliance. If this happens, some patients may end up driving long distances to be treated.

Would RTU overcome some of these challenges?

New to the market are the ready-to-use, or ready-to-administer, chemotherapy products, which may be a solution that assists community oncologists to continue treating patients in the office and circumvent the compounding procedure.
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