If you would like to advertise with us, please contact one of our account managers below:

Robert GoldsmithSenior Vice President, Sales, MJH Life Sciences & OncLive®
Lisa GreeneVice President, Sales, OncLive®
Albert TierneySenior Director, Sales, OncLive®
Phil ConoverAssociate Director of Sales, OncLive®
Morgan MichonAssociate Director of Sales, OncLive®
Shane MarchesaniNational Accounts Manager, OncLive®
Elisha GarciaSenior Accounts Manager, OncLive®
Chelsea DeLisaNational Accounts Associate, OncLive®
Olivia IwaniukNational Accounts Associate, OncLive®
Alyssa TomaseckBusiness Development Associate, OncLive®
Mike DiGraziaInside Sales Associate, OncLive®
Noelle StangoStrategic Alliance Partnership Coordinator, OncLive® &